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Selection and appointment of the human resource department

 There are criteria for selecting human resources and appointing them in their appropriate place, and they may be valid and invalid in the place where they must work, so there are committees that specialize and test those resources and assign them in the appropriate place.

Selection of human resources

What is meant by the relationship with career path programs for individuals is that they are career paths and that the organization is usually working to determine movement of movement

Its employees and it is known for everyone working in the organization if he starts a job, it is the relationship of human resource planning

With the activities of people management, the relationship with recruitment and with the selection, appointment and training, where the responsibility for human resource planning lies

The higher management should encourage planning and provide the necessary support and assistance to accomplish it, and ensure the importance of using it, however

Responsibility of human resource planning rests with the personnel manager in terms of developing plans and coordinating human resource planning

And other personnel management activities and its endeavor to provide effective planning to determine the extent of the success that has been achieved, as for the responsibility

Human resource planning for all managers in the middle and immediate levels falls in terms of providing the necessary information

And the necessary needed by human resource planning and they work with the personnel manager in developing an employment plan, from the external variables

The stages of human resource planning in forecasting the trends of internal and external factors affecting human resource planning are

General economic conditions and trends, technological development, work preferences, population, human resource characteristics and goals

And plans of the organization and the expected amendments to the organizational structure of the organization and the principles of organization followed by the organization, of the methods

That can be relied upon in the forecasting processes of human resources planning, the method of historical comparison and the method of experience estimates

The method of analyzing the degree of correlation between the variables, from the method of building linear models, forecasting processes for human resources planning

Which is based on building mathematical models and computer simulation methods, and its use requires mathematical expertise

Statistics developed and used in large organizations that have the expertise and capabilities, the size and quality of the request is estimated

On human resources in the future

 By counting the number and types of required work and estimating the size and quality of the needed human resources

For required jobs, the work force is analyzed and the comparison between the need and the availability of human resources through absence from work

And vacations and determining the size of manpower required for the facility, as it is included in the calculation of the expected loss rate in human resources as a whole

From resignation and dismissal from work disability, death and retirement administrative replacement processes, as it includes the referrals map

Both the name of the position, the department or the department, the name of the current incumbent, his age, and the period of his work in the position, so it is

The results of dealing with human resource planning are for the case of a shortage of human resources and for the case of a surplus in

Human resources in the organization and also the absence of surplus or shortage of labor, we see that the problems faced by resource planners

Humanity is the lack of accurate and correct data necessary for human resource planning and the existence of a set of terms

The overlapping and apparent shortage of a human resource planning specialist are the most prominent problems arising from poor selection and recruitment

It is the lack of harmony of the individual with the work he performs, the increase in the cost of work, and the high rate of work turnover in the establishment

Selection and recruitment of other HRM activities is the relationship with performance measurement, with recruitment, and with power planning

The worker, the procedures and stages of selection and appointment, are in a sequence, as follows: Receiving job applicants, initial interview, and filling out

Good use or employment is one of the types of interviews that are planned, unplanned and directed, but one of the most prominent problems is that

Affecting the success of the interview is that the interview is usually carried out by more than one person, from the types of tests used in the selection processes

Intelligence, performance (achievement), abilities and personality testing, among the stages of selecting job seekers from within the facility is the advertisement

For vacancies and filling out the application for use, medical examination, tests, transfer or promotion decision, as for the methods of tests

For the selection of job seekers from within the organization, including the single and multiple prediction method and the multiple barriers method, as for the evaluation criteria

Testing and appointment procedures are validity, reliability, individual satisfaction with work, and the probabilities of selection and appointment decisions

The selection and appointment procedures end with several possibilities, including false negative selection decisions, deceptive positive decisions, and selection decisions

Positive correct.