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Human resource investment, management and production cost.

 The investment of human resources is a general part of the world of economics and money. Those who work to actually make money are human resources, and we have to separate between the investment of human resources and their relationship to economic management..

Investing human resources.

Helps the organization to face the changes that occur in its internal and external environment and to get acquainted with the existing situation of the workforce
In detail, but the benefits of human resource planning are to precisely define its goals and plans by translating them into hours
Reviewing and developing employment policies, procedures and applications, reviewing and harmonizing its organizational and job structure, and ensuring that
The extent of benefiting from the human resources available to it and obtaining the labor it needs to achieve its goals in the future and to get rid of
Or reduce the phenomena of unemployment and disability in some groups of workers.

Human Resource Management

We mean by strategic planning for human resources that it is the first stage in the beginning of the activities of human resources management and the main column
In it, as for work design, it is intended to define the objectives, characteristics and duties of all jobs, while work analysis is the identification of needs
The organization is of the human element, and polarization can also be defined as the desire of the largest number of individuals to apply for jobs, as it includes
Selection and appointment Selection of the best and most suitable applicants for vacancies. Training can be defined as specific and behavioral changes
To meet specific needs, we mean wages and compensation as a term that includes both the terms wage and salary.
The difference between these two terms is a difference in form, not content, which includes different systems for the payment of wages, if they are defined
Performance evaluation is a comprehensive, continuous and organized activity. The labor and workers system includes both the relationship with the Ministry of Labor and Workers and policies
For recruitment and separation policies, as for job evaluation, it is a process that is undertaken to determine the value and importance of each job of the organization, intended
Preparing the salary and wages structure as direct relationships between activities with each other and preparing a table in which we classify all jobs
To degrees, the human resource management is all the people who work in the organization, as we find that the elements of work and production in
Human resources are the ones who carry out the process of innovation and creativity, who design the product, supervise its manufacture, control its quality, and market it
And capital is invested, as the continuation of human resource management depends on consumer satisfaction which makes the organization share in the market
The largest and offer a commodity of high quality and reasonable price and through trained, qualified and highly efficient human resources as the resources
Humanity includes several dimensions, which are the assessment of the human resources needs of the organization and the training and development of the human resources of the organization
And help them achieve their goals and instill the love of work in the hearts of workers, provide health safety in the workplace, and provide safety
And job stability for it, we find one of the most important functions of human resources management is the human resource formation function and the compensation function
And human resource training and development, the maintenance of human resources and human resource relations are the work functions of resource management
Human resources, one of the most important functions of the formation of human resources management is the formation and analysis of work, planning and recruitment of human resources
The recruitment of human resources is based on selecting the best applicants seeking employment in the organization and placing them in the vacant positions
Compared with their specifications, compensation jobs include the job evaluation system, the direct financial compensation system, and the bonus system
Financial rewards system, which is prepared by the Human Resources Department to reward those who work hard, actively and efficiently.
Performance appraisal is used in order to evaluate the performance and efficiency of human resources. The fringe job benefits system is a non-motivational system
Financial, where the function of training and development of human resources includes education, training and education, the function of maintenance of human resources consists
Of several activities, the most important of which is providing safety and providing health. As for the human resource relations function, the most important activity is the integration of human resources
And labor relations, the relations of the polarization function are based on attracting a sufficient number of human resources for the selection function, we find that
Job design and job analysis relationships are based on selection and differentiation to select the best job applicants and job availability
Recruitment: The specifications of the human resources to be recruited, and the provision of a performance evaluation function and the criteria on which to base it
Evaluation. As for the relationships of the human resource planning function, they are based on an assessment of the organization’s future need for human resources
In terms of numbers and quality, the training and development function relationships are based on the results, design and analysis of work to find out what you train
It is based on human resources and based on the results of performance evaluation to know the weaknesses in the performance of human resources and the results of the selection function
For the new human resources qualification programs to be one of the most important services provided by the human resources department to the departmental managers in the organization
Which represents its interaction with it is to formulate a policy of integrating human resources in the organization and assisting departments in assessing their needs from
Human resources and work to provide departments with human resources and design a system to evaluate their interaction with them and assist managers
In measuring job satisfaction in their departments, analyzing its results, assisting managers and heads, and enabling them to use the most effective method for training
Their subordinates while at work, the most important goals of human resources are to develop a human resources strategy according to the requirements and needs and provide
A manpower with a high level of productivity and achieving the objectives of the organization with the highest level of performance and achievement, and the most important achievement is guaranteed
Those goals aim at achieving production efficiency and achieving effectiveness in organizational performance. The goal of human resources management can be achieved
Through the equation: good performance = ability x desire
The outputs equal good performance by the resource department
And that there is good performance when there is both ability and desire
Mankind will achieve basic outcomes for the human element, which is the quality of high-level human performance and the cultivation of loyalty and belonging in
The souls of human resources and their feeling that they are part of the organization, we find that the standards of work professionalism in human resources management are working in
The field of human resources seeks to serve others and the profession and the function of working in the service of others, from the ethics of the practice of the resource profession
Humanity is to strive to improve the work of human resources management in the organization in which I work and to set high-level performance standards for my performance
Specialized in human resource management and to support societal goals and objectives in the field of developing the human resource management profession
I owe loyalty to the organization in which I work and its owners, and to observe government laws related to human resources issued by
The state during my practice and not to misuse my job and the power that I have for personal purposes, from the stages of the emergence and development of management
Human Resources and its contemporary director It has been linked with human resources management to discover the extent of the importance of the human element in work and its emergence
Trade unions and their increasing role in the fields of business, the evolution of concepts of organizational behavior, theories of human motivation, and the need of organizations
To manage human resources for the awareness of managers, the role of the director of contemporary human resources management is a specialist, consultant, executive, and coordinator
As a partner and vice president, the director of the Human Resources Department must possess personal characteristics, the most important of which is charisma and patience
And endurance, the ability to understand, polarization, and the ability to make decisions. 

((Productive Efficiency))

The importance of productive efficiency is due to the profit index, performance efficiency index in business organizations, and the basic criterion in appraising
Organizations and their manager, we conclude that higher productivity benefits the organization, workers and society as a whole and the enterprise can raise
Its production efficiency by increasing the value of the final product while reducing the value of the resources used and increasing the value of the final product
With the value of the resources used remaining constant, the total productivity is given in relation to:
The value of inputs / production value (resources + wages + capital).
As the production efficiency is given by the relation: production value / value of raw materials used.
Productivity of total labor is given by the relation: value of production / number of employees.
We conclude that hourly productivity is given by the relation: value of output / total number of hours worked.
As for the wage productivity of one Syrian pound: the value of production / total wages.
Therefore, the factors affecting production efficiency are the modernity of the machines, the technological progress used and the efficiency of the resources
Used in the work and the methods and methods of work used, where the desire includes several elements, which are the conditions and the physical climate of the work
And treating the workers kindly in a humane manner and helping them solve their problems and provide incentives.
Multiple is the cost of materials and semi-finished and finished parts purchased and the cost of all types of services, where it enters into a value
Some product impacts are net sales and revenues from services provided to others through manufacturing work and the value of products that are
Manufactured in the facility and required for productive work, we find one of the most important relationships between design and analysis of work with resource management activities
Human workforce planning, recruitment, selection and appointment, presence of security and protection programs, competency measurement criteria and identification
Wages and promotion, as the most important goals and importance of work design and analysis are to contribute to raising the efficiency and productivity of the individual in terms of
The quantity, the type, and the individual's love for work and organization, which contribute greatly to reducing turnover, absenteeism, and contribution
In determining the desired and desired behavior of individuals, therefore, the factors affecting the success of the work design that provide for the job
Consequently, its concern is the sense of importance and pride in itself and the presence of the element of challenge in the work and the provision of a sense of responsibility towards
His work and towards himself, so the duties of the job or work are to take into account the element of accuracy and clarity and not to duplicate it because this matter
Job analysis helps detail it, so the job or business objectives are to show how important the job is and why it exists
The position and the statement of the job relationship with other jobs, where we find from the entries of business design the scientific entrance and the entrance to expand
And the entrance to enrich or enrich work.
Work horizontally
However, there must be criticisms directed at the scientific approach in designing work, namely the occurrence of boredom and individual boredom as a result of his performance
The duties or tasks of simple and repetitive mobility and the occurrence of isolation in the individual, where his interests are confined to the circle of his narrow specialization
And the existence of a partial theory of things and not a whole, and the feeling of insignificance as a result of the fact that the goal of the work entrusted to the individual is simple and lacking
Paying attention to the moral aspect of the individual's motivation to work and treating the human being as a machine to be run at will, so the simultaneous work design is adopted.
On the group as a team, there are several criteria that govern the process of choosing the appropriate approach, which are the modernity of the organization and the nature of the business
Jobs, knowledge, experience and skill available to individuals, a good job or business description is what gives the reader
It is clear about the following things, which are what is to be achieved in the job or work and what is required to be performed in order to achieve it
In detail
And what are the material work conditions, through which they do not perform duties
And kind
The work or the job and what is the required level of production
The job and what are the risks associated with performing the duties of the job and what are the characteristics that characterize the work.
Doing a business redesign is a low level of productivity that may be caused by poor business design process and the introduction of changes
On the technological level used within the organization and the desire of individuals to redesign their work and to confirm the organization's management and feeling
Employees that the performance of some work in its current design poses a danger to its executors and the harmonization of the nature of the work for certain types of
For individuals to enable them to perform their work successfully and use work design as an alternative to promotion. One of the most important steps of work analysis is to define
The jobs or jobs that will be analyzed and the method of the study and those who carry out that study will be determined. Therefore, we find the most important information that it includes
On it is the survey form, which is the name of the position, the administrative subordination, the goals of the job, or what is required of it, and the daily repeated works
The time required to complete it, the method of performing the work, the material conditions in which the work is performed, and the non-repetitive works that are dependent
On mental energy, where information and data are collected about the jobs to be described through the list of surveys via the
One of the major drawbacks is by one of the implementers of the analysis process
The list is kept by the job vacancy itself and by the line manager as well
List-keeping by the job vacancy itself is the possibility of two workers unfamiliar with reading and writing well and the possibility of not understanding
Statements by employees and it is difficult to design a form in a way that enables us to obtain all the required data, as for the drawbacks
Keeping the list through the direct supervisor is the president’s bias towards some of his subordinates, one of the internal and external environmental factors affecting
In determining the number and quality of the workforce being planned which are political and organizational goals, technology and policy
In the country, one of the steps in the analysis of work is the step of analyzing information and data, according to which the following is estimated and determined
It is the size of the responsibilities involved in the implementation of the job tasks, the material conditions in which the work is performed, and the occupational hazards
Accompanying the implementation of the required work, the importance of human resource planning is that it helps anticipate its human resource needs.