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Health and industrial security programs in human resources

 Human resources need committees and programs that take care of their health and monitor them, and it is important to have an industrial security apparatus that is responsible for the security of the industry and the health of human resources and meets the requirements of human resources in order for production to be successful in the world of economy.

Health and industrial security programs

The injection of new blood to the organization is the main goal behind compulsory retirement, and one of its justifications at a certain age is the ease of managing a policy
The importance of retirement and making room for young workers and assisting management in planning its human resources is important
And defining the retirement program by introducing individuals to the basics and controls of retirement. The retirement program leads to the continuity of the psychological relationship between
The retired individual and his organization removes the feeling of boredom and boredom among individuals. Dismissal intends to dispense with the services of some working individuals.
Due to the economic conditions, the employee integration means that workers contribute to a high degree in strategic decision-making
The first link in the chains of employee integration represents the failure to inform employees of information related to their surroundings or the organization
The fifth episode in the series of employee integration series represents a higher participation than participation and inclusion, and it represents the seventh episode
The chain of integration of workers at the end of the chain, in which the fusion of workers in the organization is verified, one of the strategic dimensions of the integration of workers dimension
Community, conviction and moral, and among the pillars of this strategy are the inclusion, the organization's mission, the domain, the organization's culture, the inclusion and the mandate
Chain, industrial security, health and safety means protecting workers from dangers and a rise in employee morale
A decrease in the cost of work, and one of the benefits of industrial security is a rise in morale through a sense of reassurance and integration
Individuals' harmony and love for work, an increase in individual productivity and a decrease in the cost of work, are among the goals of health programs
And industrial safety, preparing individuals with health and physical capabilities, preparing and providing health services, and minimizing the negative effects
Caused by the individual's injury to diseases and accidents during work, attention and focus on the working individual and reducing instability
Psychological personnel for individuals and the strengthening and development of the relationship between personnel and management, from the sources of the physical work environment for accidents and injuries
And occupational business diseases, noise, lighting, heat, arrangement and cleanliness of the workplace, boredom and boredom, as for psychological sources
They are dissatisfaction, apathy, negligence, indifference, distrust, psychological depression, nervousness, psychological imbalance, and from the circumstances of
The elements of the psychological and social work environment are the extent of the individual’s sense of importance, the availability of the challenging element at work, and the extent of feeling
Individuals with fairness and fairness, the extent of participation in decision-making, organizational policies and work procedures, and the extent of a sense of freedom
At work, industrial safety and occupational health and safety relationships are the relationship with polarization, with work turnover, and with development
Regulatory, with training and development, with incentives and with productivity, are among the steps of the Industrial Security and Occupational Health and Safety Program
Segmentation of work, identification of the source of risk, classification of occupational risks, prevention and reduction of their occurrence, training of workers, follow-up and inspection
And records of accidents, injuries and illnesses at work classify occupational hazards and prevent and reduce their occurrence for each of the accidents
And physiological injuries and occupational diseases. As for the means that prevent the occurrence of risks, in the classification of occupational risks, prevention and reduction
From their occurrence, they are providing individuals with protective tools and a complete or partial change of the way of working that pose a danger to individuals and a situation
Alarm devices in the workplace, one of the most important departments of personnel training is concerned with increasing the skill of the individual at work and training the individual and educating them
Individuals, therefore, we find follow-up and inspection processes, including follow-up on good training, adherence to the rules, good handling of the line, and who
Components of the Industrial Security Program Support by senior management and identification of responsibility for industrial security, work engineering and education
For seniority at work and for the worker himself, and in accordance with
And training, documenting and analyzing accidents, the documentation of accidents means organizing the records accordingly
For the name and the degree of severity of the accident, that the incidence of accidents and diseases is
Number of casualties x 1 million / Number of available work hours
-Hours lost labor rate is the total hours lost x 1 million / Actual hours worked,

The goal of the discipline system

 It is the reduction of negative behavioral phenomena at work and the compatibility between the required organizational behavior, and that
The concept of discipline is the compatibility of the behavior of working individuals with the controls and standards of acceptable behavior, and one of the foundations that constitute this system
Responsible for enforcing the discipline or responsibility for discipline and the appropriateness of corrective and corrective actions, who
The factors or variables that contribute to determining the disciplinary measures, the extent of the recurrence of the problem and the extent of persistence and persistence of this problem
And how serious it is,
In order to take into account the negative aspects of the corrective actions, it is necessary that the criticism be directed at the behavior and not focused
The person himself and the individuals ’understanding of their roles, burdens, and responsibilities at work and the confidentiality of the interview means the seriousness of the problem
The severity of the problem, its age, length and type. Among the types of disciplinary problems are problems with regularity at work and problems of behavior of individuals in
the work. 

Responsible for enforcing discipline

Self-discipline is the best way, and the direct supervisor is considered the first responsible
On the behavior of working individuals and that some organizations depend on outside mentors to manage and follow up on working individuals, and among the factors
Or the variables that contribute to determining the disciplinary procedures. Background of the individual, the causative factor, and the extent of mitigating factors
The problem and the application of the discipline system in the organization, among the causes of the waiting problems in the work and the lack of attention of organizations to needs and desires
Workers, lack of or weak adaptation of the individual to work and the organization and lack of work experience. Among the types of penalties and penalties are warning or
Cutting salary, termination of contract service, suspension of promotion and suspension from work
Verbal warning, warning, and temporary suspension
Separation and deduction from the salary, and from the disciplinary aspects of individuals the preventive and curative aspect, means the curative aspect of the procedures
To be followed in the event of a violation, dismissal means partial, temporary or final dismissal from work, among the conditions of the investigation
It must be through a specialized committee and be both the employee, the union and the management representative in the committee during the investigation, and for the company the investigation should be public.

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