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 The economy in Europe is exposed to problems like any other country in the world, but one of the problems the European economy is most exposed to is that it needs more manpower than it needs capital, especially in light of these circumstances that pass over the year of epidemic outbreaks and natural accidents. Therefore, it must be found. The labor force is to meet human needs and work on economic activity as well. As for research on economic resources, it is present and spread throughout Europe in various professions and jobs. The salary for the individual was more, his consumption of goods was more, and here the relationship is positive, then the economy will be activated. When you pay for that commodity, the owner of that commodity will bring something like it. Exaggeration will create inanimate objects in the currency. This means that if the individual buys all his needs and increases with him nearly half of his salary, there will be stagnation in the economy and it will leave inertia, depression and decline in the economy This aspect in European countries is somewhat balanced, and we say that this aspect is safe in economic activity.

The European economy has many advantages, including international companies that have invested their own goods and famous companies around the world. These goods are desirable in all countries and have a good reputation for the quality of their manufacture and the quality of the materials made from them. This has a great impact on economic activity in European countries as well. There is a good process between supply and demand in domestic trade, that is, it is proportional and balanced. The famous economists also spoke about this aspect of the economy and the active economy side. Just as the European Union currency has a strong position in the world in the euro, there are also some countries that deal with it inside their countries and this is due to European global companies that gained popularity and good standing in many commodities around the world.

Also, investment in Europe has a good standing, as there are many things, commodities and real estate that you can invest and bring you good money, and then you can inflate your investments all over Europe and diversify them wherever and however you like. Investment also contributes to the process of economic, urban and social activity, which has a major role in meeting human needs. It also works on the vitality of large, small and medium economic projects, and investment does not depend on things such as real estate, homes, and money. It also includes labor investment. This is the biggest economic problem in Europe. Europe does not only need doctors, economists, merchants, engineers and professionals, too, which is in great need of labor.

Production in European countries is like birth, meaning that production is like the birth of a new workforce every day in which European countries produce an increase in labor and economic activity. The production of European countries returns to the internal economy and the external economy as well, meaning that it benefits all parts of the world as it is an active movement of money, capital and works It also provides solutions to economic problems and is useful in covering large commodities needed by the countries of the whole world, and production is necessary and extremely important in economic operations ... What is production! Production is the process of making a commodity that the consumer needs, regardless of what a car, sweet piece, clothes or accessories is, because it is a commodity that benefits the consumer and benefits the internal and external economy as well.

Consumption in European Union countries

Consumption in the countries of the European Union is the substitution process of economic activity, that is, work is production, promotion of consumption, purchase of sold, consumption and its type is very necessary in such countries, that is, for production to be active, consumption must be working, meaning there must be a demand for the commodity, any commodity that is produced must It has a consumption value and this value must be strong like the consumption movement in the European Union. There is consumption on the same amount of production that is not exported abroad and is consumed within European countries and also consumption must be in balance with production because in the event of a consumption or production imbalance this affects the price of the commodity In all parts of the world this does not have to be a negative factor in these European countries.

But if we want to talk about the promotion of goods in the countries of the European Union, it is very strong. There are modern methods followed by Europe to promote these methods are active and effective and help to accelerate consumption and economic activity, for example, the media plays an important role in the process of promotion and occasional regulations in the streets and leaflets at airports and through international brands. And to promote an important role in the process of economic movement, it gives the consumer an impetus to quickly test a commodity that has been produced by a new factory or a new product and this is good for the European economy and we also want to talk about the method of renewal and development in the European economy. There are always processes of renewal and development of goods, products and machinery in Europe and this It encourages all people around the world to use and not cut these renewable products and commodities always and this works on the activity of the European economy and maximizing the European economic position around the world

Economic Storage 

Storage in the countries of the European Union is a form of accurate accounts, meaning that the commodity that needs to store 100 pieces will have 100 pieces stored completely because at any moment it is possible to lose from the market although it is produced continuously, but there is a so-called reserve quantity, meaning that each commodity must To have a spare quantity placed on the side in case it is needed, and for the commodities that are not suitable to be stored, there is a strategy for it, such as putting preservatives for them or storing them for a certain period and then putting them out and bringing other quantities for storage so that they are newly produced and so the law of reserve quantity has been applied in European countries For several reasons, including maintaining the activity of the economy and not allowing a shortage of any commodity, because this negatively affects the wheel of the economy and this law exists all over the world, but European countries are almost the most active in these economic processes.



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