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   Supply in economic

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The relationship of supply and demand in trade and the economy is an inverse relationship. The greater the volume of commodities, the less demand is for them, and vice versa. Supply is essential in the trade process and may be needed by merchants all over the world. Purchase requisitions and requisitions
Interpretation of the Submission Act.We have seen that the law of supply expresses a direct relationship between price and quantity.
In the law of supply in economics, there is a direct relationship between price as an independent variable and quantity as a variable, the more high it is, the higher the price, and vice versa. Supply law.

Supply in economic

This is the main product that allows you to participate in production.
For example, the current main entry is Producers Road.
- Also from the laws of supply of goods, that the trade should take into account the prices of supplying goods through, or the broker must accept it to the consumer because this preferred program, the preferred program, the preferred program is safer in relation to the economic policy, and this leads to encouraging the consumer to order the goods that serve his human needs .
This may be more proactive for management reform.

Factors affecting supply

1- Production cost is one of the most important factors that appear. It depends on the delivery of a certain quantity of products that you carry.
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2- The size of subsidies and tax rates imposed on the subsidies provided by the state to producers. Long production time, long time production, output low output.
It happens if it comes to the amount of support and the performance of production costs.
3- Changing the prices of competitive and complementary goods.


the competing commodities on the supply side are the commodities whose production needs to use the same quality of factors of production so that the producer has a choice between producing one or that good.

For example, the land may land by itself to produce more than one crop. If the price of one crop rises and the prices of other crops remain constant and production costs are the same, then the farmer will tend to produce the higher price crop, and therefore the quantity supplied of this crop increases and decreases than other crops whose prices have remained constant.


 integrated goods on the supply side are goods which are inevitably produced to obtain the same production process so that if one of them increases, the production of the other must be increased. For example, if we expand the production of cattle meat, we can produce more leather and more wool, while we cannot do this if the meat production decreases.
4- The prevailing economic and political conditions.
Growth and recovery stimulate production, produce more goods.
Stable political conditions in the country encourage production.
Then, political stability is considered one of the factors of recovery of activity, and political conditions have a negative impact on production and supply in general.
Around the world, it helps solve economic problems.