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1- Economics
is an expression of financial conditions and business activities, and a term for all activities that consist of money.
2- Trade is the exchange of goods for money and the profit from those goods by buying them wholesale at a fairly cheap price and selling them at a higher price.
3- The useful value, which means the ability of a thing to directly satisfy a human need when a person uses it and does not necessarily assume that there is a market or exchange of individuals among them, as it is a purely personal value.

4- The price

 is that everything exchanged for something else has a monetary amount that expresses its value. This sum which expresses the value of one unit of the thing is called the price, so the price of the thing is the monetary expression of its value in the market, and this price can be greater or less than its value.
5- Demand is the quantities of a good or service that consumers are willing and able to purchase at different prices within a limited period of time, assuming that other factors remain constant.
Economic definitions 1

6- The supply of goods means the supply of quantities of a commodity that the producers wish to sell at different prices to them in a specific period of time, assuming that other factors remain constant.
7- Consumer's surplus is the difference between the total utility that a consumer gets from his consumption of a commodity and the value that he pays for the commodity.

8- Human needs 

are the group of natural and social necessities (such as food, housing and clothing) necessary for the material and immaterial life of a person in society.
9- Utility is the achievement of a certain satisfaction for the consumer and it is not a material thing nor an inherent quality of a commodity and it is a special feeling in a person and differs from one person to another.
10- Real estate investment is buying a property at a low price and waiting for that property until its prices rise, then the property is sold at the high price, so the money is invested in this property.