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The concept of commercial markets
We also know that the commercial markets are exposed to every thing such as activity, depression, lack of movement and increased movement, meaning that AL most everything affects the commercial markets and also nature affects these markets.
The coming of spring, merchants yearn to tourism, and here the tourist trade is active and the rest of the trades are feared, meaning it is an increase and decrease process, but trade it is necessary in all its forms to preserve the human needs.
-commercial markets represent the first door to the economy or a strong motivation for that interest in commercial markets encourages to obtain strong and active economic policies. Also, commercial markets provide many opportunities for commercial deals through which economic activity is stimulated and work and workers are stimulated and motivation is a very important thing for commercial markets.
Matters affecting the commercial markets. 
Most of the time, the commercial markets suffer form economic problems and influences that shake some markets or cause immobility in the markets.
Many of these effects produce problems, for example, the corona virus (COVID-19) hit commercial markets all over the world and led to the stopping of these markets and the stopping of trading, buying and selling. On the commercial market.
-commercial markets depend on security most of the time if there is no safety, there are no commercial markets and depend on the large number of people and the activity of merchants and consumers and their safety and the requirements that the market and society demand. That is, we need to stimulate commercial markets to increase the demand  and supply as well and work to find all strong economic means to revive commercial markets.
-Commercial markets are characterized by the openness in which there are many goods, items, merchants and visitors there as well, all parts of the world are interested in those economic activities with in the commercial markets where each customer has his request and each marchant is offered commercial markets that are similar to the Ocean as they are large and there are all types that people require and society requires from To food, to vehicles, and so on.
-Also, tourists in a country that was one of the first places to visit are the commercial markets. 


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