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The subject of economics and scientific research methods...

Economics is its subject and its mainfield 
1-the main subject or field of economics is the study of a person's economics activity related to how to satisfy the needs of goods and services'i. e. activity related to production, distribution, exchange and consumption.
2-it is not possible to separate economics as a social science from other social sciences such as history sociology, law and politics, economics benefits from other sciences studies as well as contributes with it with mutual beuefit just as economics provides to other branches a rationale for rationale choise and aproper determination of the truth and realistic models in distinguish between what is best,that is, between identifying variables and choosing the best.
Scientific research methods in economics.
All types of science,including economics, use two common methods of research, the dednctive method and the inductive method. 
First:dednctive methods:
This method relies on making general assumptions whose validity is recognized in advance and its extent to which they are related to reality is not discussed. By subjecting these general assumptions to the rules of logical and mental analysis, laws and provisions are derived from them that can be applied to special situations and situations or partial matters.
Second:the inductive method:
This method is based on viewing and studying the largest possible number of facts and special cases so that judgments are then extracted from these observations and circulated in the from of interpretative laws of the facts. 


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