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Economic activity is based on two main reasons that make it the focal point of 

The first reason is that the needs of society with its individuals and institutions in terms of goods and services are unlimited. and cannot be fully met
The second reason is the economic resources or capabilities available to meet these needs, which are limited or relatively scarce
The process of balancing resources and needs, providing some of them, delaying. some of them, and progressin

Characteristics of the economic problem

First, the relative scarcity, which is the main reason for the existence of the economic problem, and when the economic scarcity disappears, the economic problemdisappears
Economic scarcity is a relative characteristic that is achieved when the quantity demanded of a thing is greater than the quantity available of it at the time of need and the selection process requires sacrifice or satisfying the needs of the other in whole or in part
A scarce good is what people pay for
Second, selection and selection, since the resources are less than the needs, so it is necessary to choose the needs which must be met first, first. An individual or community sets a scale of preferences and satisfies his desires and needs according to this peace
Third: sacrificing for the sake of those whose resources are less than meeting all of his needs, to sacrifice some of these needs, and to deprive himself of them according to preferences

The difference between scarcity and poverty

Poverty is eliminated by fulfilling a certain level of basic needs. Relative scarcity does not disappear unless the individual can have everything he desires, and this is relatively not possible
The battle against poverty can be won, but the battle against scarcity cannot be won, or it is difficult because human needs increase and continue indefinitely, and as the need is satisfied, a new need arises



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