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Humanitarian needs, economic resources and factors of production.

Human needs

It is a set of natural and social necessities necessary for the material and immaterial life of a person in society.
Needs can be identified according to the way they are satisfied, basic and vital needs such as food and housing.
Clothes, cell phones, cell phones, merchandise, and neighboring phones.
This type of requirement is functional in nature and sometimes sometimes functional in nature.

Humanitarian needs, economic resources and factors of production.


Economists have divided the resources into three.
For the first time, again, nature is all that nature contains, like mines and farmland
Third, the economic resources of oil and capitalism are all the capitalism that people have created.
Economists these economic resources with the elements of production or factors of production if they are adapted or production and production processes.

Factors of production

First, the land (natur) is characterized by natural resources, which are considered factors of production as natural factors, unlike other production factors of specific width, the area of ​​the land is fixed in its quantity and cannot be increased and therefore, free unlimited natural resources such as sun and air are not included in the factors of production. .
Natural resources do not charge atmospheres for you, marriage space, marriage space, and a wonderful gift from its creator, and no one has to spend money in order to obtain it, referring to an amount that a person pays, to exploit the land he owns, not apartments for sale, but rather just a transfer of income.
Labor production may be without labor.
Third, capital, elected capital. The balance of the country for factories, installations, machinery and roads.
A number of meanings of capital can be distinguished.
First, in-kind capital, which is a substance, substance, material, or tool in the production process, and we call it raw materials, in-kind capital into two main parts.
1- Capital includes all countries that use production without any change in their structure, such as machines and buildings.
2- The variable capital productivity Productivity Productivity one time only in production and its shape, width, and last production change into new productive goods, semi-finished goods, and secondly, a connected head appears in the form of money, stocks and bonds, and the factors of production are not considered unless they are designed in building factories And supplying it with various machines. E, if an idea is made to form in-kind capital.
Investing money in the capital.
Fourth, regulation. Seek the opportunity to get the opportunity to get high value in getting the most value possible.