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Definition of economic policy

The functions, numbers, numbers, and projections that manage and control economic operations
It means that the problem of hawthorn can be confronted and solved by making the economy work better
Economic economics is about economic trade

Economic policy

Preparing the economic policy

Defining the problem: defining the problem for which the policy should be developed from two parts:
The first: Understanding the conditions and circumstances in which the problem exists
Next goal: Determine the goals you must achieve
Identifying solutions: identifying all possibilities or assignments that he can use to determine his goals.
Accurate analysis of all available solutions: the transfer process is made to the economic theories that economists are familiar with
Comparing the solutions chosen at the beginning with the scourge: it is preferable for economists at the outset to prefer one of the solutions to studying the history of these solutions and their applications so that they can present their experience when implementing solutions

Microeconomics and Microeconomics Analysis

The first, Maru's economic analysis: a comprehensive economic evaluation, studies economic phenomena (e) at the national level
, A primary solution, Microeconomic Analysis: The basic unit of production, whether it is a chain of production or consumption



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