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Strong money
Adiiile 31 يناير 2021
  Needs Needs can be categorized into individual and group needs, as well as general and special needs. Firstly, the need for food is one of...
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Money increase
Adiiile 20 يناير 2021
 1- Work for your financial goal, but let life surprise you with the gifts that you will receive along the way. It is not your culture, prof...
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European economy
Adiiile 12 ديسمبر 2020
 The economy in Europe is exposed to problems like any other country in the world, but one of the problems the European economy is most expo...
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Famous Economists
Adiiile 05 يوليو 2020
Among the most important basic factors that contribute mainly to raising the standard of living of citizens and providing them with job oppo...
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Supply in economic
Adiiile 26 مايو 2020
    Supply in economic The room widens in front of them and take them on sale. The relationship of supply and demand in trade and the econo...
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Economic definitions 1
Adiiile 20 أبريل 2020
1- Economics is an expression of financial conditions and business activities, and a term for all activities that consist of money. 2- Trad...
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Demand in trade and economics
Adiiile 19 أبريل 2020
The first is demand in trade and economics The concept of demand is defined as the quantities of a commodity or service that consumers want ...
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