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The US economy
Adiiile 15 August 2020
  The United States of America has the strongest economy in the world and it depends on the market economy based on free investment and comm...
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Famous Economists
Adiiile 05 July 2020
Among the most important basic factors that contribute mainly to raising the standard of living of citizens and providing them with job oppo...
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Supply in economic
Adiiile 26 May 2020
Supply in economic  The concept of supply, A supply is defined as the quantities of a commodity that producers are willing to sell at differ...
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Meaning of the economy and 3 information about its importance 2020
The concept of economy The term economy originates from the Greek term Oiconomia . Refers to the cleaning service; It is worth noting that a...
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Economic definitions 1
Adiiile 20 April 2020
1- Economy is an expression of financial conditions and commercial activities and a termfor all activities that consist of money. 2-Trade i...
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Demand in trade and economics
Adiiile 19 April 2020
First is the demand in trade and economics  The concept of demand is defined as the quantities of a good or service that consumers want to...
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Humanitarian needs, economic resources and factors of production.
Adiiile 19 April 2020
الاحتياجات البشرية هي مجموعة من الضروريات الطبيعية والاجتماعية اللازمة للحياة المادية وغير المادية لشخص في المجتمع. - يمكن تصنيف الاحتيا...
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